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Why Social Media Leads?

Find out how Social Media Leads can send your closing rate through the roof.

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What happens after you order

Find out what happens after you order, what the ads say, and how we personalize your campaign.

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Unleash the Power of Social Media Leads!

  • Unprecedented demographic targeting capabilities
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence – Our proprietary A.I. systems facilitate comprehensive web data mining to target the best leads available for your business
  • Subscription option for more and higher quality leads
  • We have used our advanced artificial intelligence technology to do data mining and leads scoring for the past several years
  • Each ad includes a high quality video that explains why we need to contact the lead, what burial insurance is, and urgency for making a purchase.

Why DIMG for Social Media Leads?

  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • We are a marketing agency, NOT an insurance agency or IMO, so we don’t recruit your agents
  • We pride ourselves on giving you the utmost quality and quantity
  • We run hundreds of ads to give you the highest number and quality of leads possible in your area
  • Leads from Recurring orders receive a follow up on days 10 and 14 via email

How is the DIMG Experience Different?

  • English and Spanish leads available
  • Receive leads as quickly 24 hours after placing initial order
  • Agent receives leads in real time via our proprietary Digital Lead Station
  • Because agents information is shared with the customer, customers will call Agents to set appointments.
  • Lead sees agent’s information two separate times via email, and personalized thank you landing page
  • Exclusive leads never sold to more than one agent


Video Testimonial

Pete West

Tulsa, OK

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Video Testimonial

Roger Chan

Austin, TX

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